RitmoMinis 4-6 Years Old

At RitmoMinis, we are dedicated to creating an enchanting world of dance for children aged 4 to 6. Our class serves as a delightful introduction to the magical universe of rhythm and movement.

With the primary aim of instilling a profound passion for dance from an early age. RitmoMinis blends creative Latin dance and movement, uniting ballet’s grace, acrobatics’ excitement, and Latin dance’s energy.

In our RitmoMinis class, young dancers master movement and embark on an enchanting journey, discovering the wonders of music. This comprehensive approach transcends dance steps, instilling a deep appreciation for the intrinsic relationship between music and dance. Children learn to listen to diverse rhythms, count the beats, and, most importantly, express the music through their unique and joyful movements.

The grand culmination of this extraordinary journey takes center stage at the highly anticipated “Celebration of Rhythms and Styles” recital. At this remarkable event, our young dancers, brimming with talent and passion, take the stage to showcase their newly acquired skills. It’s a heartwarming spectacle that fills parents and children with immense pride and delight as young dancers perform gracefully and energetically.

Our emphasis at RitmoMinis:

Lies in creating a nurturing, creative, and educational environment where every child can shine. We cordially invite you to become a part of our RitmoMinis family and witness firsthand the transformation as your child’s love for dance flourishes. Laying the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of this exquisite art.

Consider RitmoMinis as a thoughtfully designed class, offering young children a comprehensive introduction to the dance world. Here, children don’t merely take dance classes; they immerse themselves in a world of music, rhythm, and artistic expression. Each lesson is a delightful blend of creativity, technical skill, and the pure joy of dancing.



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July 24 @ 17:15
17:15 — 18:00 (45′)

Studio 2

Natalia Luna