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Colorado New Style Foundation (CNSF) is a performing arts educational institution influenced by Hispanic culture and traditions. We are dedicated to inspiring healthy, inclusive communities through quality dance instruction and representation of the arts. We hope to enrich intergenerational leaders to transform their lifestyles and motivate their community to follow in their footsteps.
Chilean co-founder, Daniel Rodrigo Cid Vera, made his way to Denver after living and Dance in Spain for over 15 years. In Denver, he found a new goal: to find a way to uplift youth by offering opportunities to grow and succeed through dance and other performing arts.

In Colorado he met co-founder Kathryn Warshaw, who had been performing Latin dances and coaching gymnastics. Together, they opened Colorado New Style Dance Studio, a Latin-inspired dance studio offering dance classes to a wide demographic among the Denver Metro Area. Click here to read more information about the studio.(link to website.)

Adult classes and teams have grown, along with the studio’s youth program. They even boast multiple international champions on their teams. However, in their early years of the program, they were given the chance to also work within various local schools and realized the following:
  • A major sector of the population did not have access to quality afterschool activities, like their dance program, for various reasons including but not limited to: limited school funding, lack of transportation, and parent’s work schedules (unable to get them there.)

  • The important social aspect that comes from Latin culture and traditions, especially Latin dance and performing arts were being forgotten. In fact, there was even a stigma associated with partner dancing, even though it is common in social settings in Latin America.

  • The lack of respect and acknowledgement of the work of dancers and artists in the Colorado community. The general public did not seem to recognize it as a viable path for young adults to follow as a career. While many would struggle in regular academics, they would succeed in the arts, but not value this as something that could one day “make a living.”
Together, Daniel and Kathryn have created this foundation to help promote dance as a healthy lifestyle that teaches the discipline needed for youth to grow into leaders that in turn inspire the youth of their time.
What Drives Us

Our Mission

Expand the reach of dance and Hispanic/Latin culture in Colorado through quality education, championing racial and social justice to create a space where all feel represented and included in the dance community.

Our Vision

Envision a future where the performing arts are universal languages that stem from a culture of inclusive and integrated communities. We aspire to be a beacon of representation of racial and social justice; fostering an environment where everyone sees themselves authentically reflected in the beauty of dance.

Our Values

1.) Hispanic culture spans all different genres of performing arts.

2.) Performing arts are cultural expressions that must be preserved by accessible instruction.

3.) Artists, performers and educators are cultural ambassadors and central community leaders.

4.) Leaders are those who demonstrate discipline, humility, and positive attitudes in their work.

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Scholarships enable students to continue their education when parents resources are limited.

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Tuition reduction help students supplement their families’ ability to continue their education.

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Meeting community ambassadors help students acquire positive role models and become more productive citizens.

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Advance Classes and workshops extend students’ carrer perspectives by working with word class instructors, who have chosen dance carrers.

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Kathryn D. Warshaw

Co Founder & President

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