What Drives Us

Our Mission

To expand the reach of dance and Latin culture in Colorado through quality education and instruction.

Our Vision

Performing arts are universal languages that come from a culture of inclusive and integrated communities.

Our Values

1.) Hispanic culture spans all different genres of performing arts.

2.) Performing arts are cultural expressions that must be preserved by accessible instruction.

3.) Artists, performers and educators are cultural ambassadors and central community leaders.

4.) Leaders are those who demonstrate discipline, humility, and positive attitudes in their work.

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Found Scholarships

Scholarships enable students to continue their education when parents resources are limited.

reduce tuition

Tuition reduction help students supplement their families’ ability to continue their education.

Connect with community ambassadors

Meeting community ambassadors help students acquire positive role models and become more productive citizens.

master classes and workshops

Advance Classes and workshops extend students’ carrer perspectives by working with word class instructors, who have chosen dance carrers.



Daniel Rodrigo Cid Vera

Co Founder & Vice President

Kathryn warshaw

Kathryn D. Warshaw

Co Founder & President

Board Members

Marissa olan


kimberly peña

Alan Jimenez

Lucy Moncada Arcila