Discover AcroDance in Denver, Colorado at Colorado New Style Foundation

Welcome to Colorado New Style Foundation, where the world of AcroDance comes alive for children and teenagers. Our meticulously crafted Acrodance program, designed for young talents aged 18 and under, offers an exciting fusion of gymnastics, tumbling, and dance, awakening creativity and nurturing physical prowess.

Why Choose Acrodance with Us:

  • Holistic Development: Our program enhances physical capabilities, instills discipline, fosters teamwork, boosts self-confidence, and nurtures a deep appreciation for the arts. Students actively engage in their growth.
  • Exciting Performances: Students eagerly anticipate opportunities to showcase their talents in thrilling recitals and performances, allowing them to shine on stage and share their passion with the community.
  • Vibrant Community: Beyond being a studio, we’re a close-knit community where lifelong friendships blossom, and students find a second family that shares their love for movement.

Active Learning and Growth:

Our Acrodance classes offer a unique opportunity for Denver’s youth to actively explore a world of movement, grace, and strength. We prioritize a well-rounded approach to physical and artistic development, fostering each student’s potential.

Creative Expression:

In our classes, students actively acquire fundamental techniques in gymnastics, tumbling, and dance. They discover the joy of self-expression through creative movement. Our instructors are committed to nurturing both body and mind, enabling each student to reach their full potential.

Safety and State-of-the-Art Facilities:

Our state-of-the-art facilities in Denver prioritize safety and ensure each class is a safe and enjoyable experience.

Join Us Today:

Colorado New Style Foundation is dedicated to shaping confident, disciplined, and expressive artists. Join us today to become a part of this exciting journey.

September 20 @ 20:25
8:25 pm — 9:25 pm (1h)

Studio 1

Kathryn Warshaw